Rawis Cargo Pier in Rawis, Laoang, Northern Samar and the Simora Bridge in Palapag Northern Samar

Rawis Cargo Pier in Rawis, Laoang, Northern Samar.

Workers loading cargo to small motorized boats that sail from this "Port" to all points Pacific towns. Very risky way of moving goods especially in times when water is rough.

The Lao-ang town proper is in Lao-ang island (see Google map of Northern Samar). There is no other way reaching the island locally aside from small motorized boats. It is the center of commerce in the Pacific towns of Northern Samar. It is also one of the major sea ports in Northern Samar. Larger cargo boats from far-flung places dock at the island.

Alternatively, Pacific towns business transactions are carried out in larger Catarman, the capital town. Catarman is also the main college town of Northern Samar. Today, going to Catarman from any Pacific town goes through Lao-ang using risky boats.

There is an existing alternate road that runs through the Pacific towns to Catarman through Palapag. This road crosses the wide span of the Catubig river in Simora.

There is no bridge there.

There was as a bridge project, fully funded, construction has actually started but suddenly stopped and discontinued. The project was scrapped alledgely through the efforts of the powerful Congressman Emil Ong of Lao-ang. A viable Simora bridge if completed, would allienate Lao-ang and therefore kill its businesses. Ong, his friends, and family has many business interests in Lao-ang. Emil Ong do not what a bridge ever to be completed in Simora as long as he is in power.

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