Today in Philippine History September 16, 1807, the Basi Revolt broke out in Piddig, Ilocos Norte

Posted Friday September 16, 2011 ()

On September 16, 1807, the Basi Revolt, also known as the Ambaristo Revolt, broke out in Piddig, Ilocos Norte, arising from the Spanish rulers' banning of the private manufacture of the local wine called "basi".

As Ilocanos were forced to buy from government stores, wine-loving Ilocanos, led by Salarogo Ambaristo and Pedro Mateo, rose in revolt, which later spread to nearby towns.

Spanish troops eventually quelled the revolt on September 28, 1807.

"Basi" is the local beverage of the Ilocos, where it has been consumed even before the Spanish conquest.

Notably, in San Ildefonso town in Ilocos Sur, a non-working holiday is declared every September 16 in commemoration of the Basi Revolt. In nearby Naguilian, La Union, a Basi Festival is held annually.

Source: Philippine News Agency archives