Today in Philippine History, August 14, 1835, Jacinto Zamora was born in Pandacan, Manila

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Jacinto Zamora   
Father Jacinto Zamora   
On August 14, 1835, Jacinto Zamora, one of the three martyr priests collectively called GOMBURZA - Father. Mariano Gomez, Father. Jose Burgos, and Father. Zamora, was born in Pandacan, Manila.

Dreamt of becoming a priest since childhood, Father Zamora led a campaign against the abusive Spanish friars and fought for equal rights among priests.

He witnessed the unjust treatment of the Spanish friars against the Filipino priests when transferred to Manila . He pitied them that he resolved to fight for their rights.

Notedly, the Gomburza led the campaign against the abusive friars and fought for equal rights among priests.

The three priests incurred the hatred of the Spanish friars, detested and were hatched plan to get even with them.

They were accused of collaborating with the rebels who led an uprising in Cavite, arrested and detained and executed by garrote on February 28, 1872. Father Zamora died at the age of 36.

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