Today in Philippine History, September 26, 1898, Araneta and Buencamino were appointed to the Aguinaldo cabinet

On September 26, 1898, Gregorio Araneta was appointed Secretary of Justice and Felipe Buencamino, Secretary of Development of the Aguinaldo Cabinet.

The following is the official directory of the Revolutionary Government of the Philippines (1898-1899) with General Emilio Aguinaldo as President.

President Don Emilio Aguinaldo y Famy

Department of War

Secretary Don Baldomero Aguinaldo y Baloy
Director Don Antonio Luna
Generals of Division Don Artemio Ricarte
Don Vito Belarmino
Don Emiliano Riego de Dios
Brigadier Generals Don Pantaleon Garcia
Don Tomas Mascardo
Don Mariano Llanera
Don Mariano Noriel
Don Isidro Torres
Don Miguel Malvar
Don Paciano Rizal
Don Pascual Alvarez
Don Jose Ignacio Pawa
Don Pio del Pilar
Don Gregorio del Pilar
Don Francisco Macabulos

Department of the Interior

Secretary Don Leandro Ibarra
Director Don Severino de las Alas

Department of Foreign Affairs

Secretary Don Cayetano G. Arellano
Director Don Trinidad H. Pardo de Tavera
Director of Marine Don Pascual Ledesma
Director of Commerce Don Esteban de la Rama

Department of Finance

Secretary Don Mariano Trias y Closes
Director Don Benito Legarda
Treasurer General Don Silvestre Legaspi

Department of Justice

Secretary Don Gregorio Araneta
Director Don Jose M. Basa Enriquez
Director of Registry Don Juan Tangco

Department of Fomento (Development)

Secretary Don Felipe Buencamino Sr.
Director of Public Instruction Don Arsenio Cruz Herrera
Director of Public Works Don Fernando Canon Faustino
Director of Agriculture & Industry Don Jose Alejandrino
Chairman of the Council of Government Apolinario Mabini (later succeeded by Pedro A. Paterno)
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Gracio Gonzaga

Pambansang Komisyon Pangkasaysayan
The Laws of the first Philippine Republic, Sulpicio Guevara, 1972

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