No plow no dikes rice farming in Northern Samar

2011, Northern Samar.  The locals call it "payatak", tilling the soil by letting their carabaos (water bufallo) walk the field over and over until the mud is soft and weeds are dug under. They do this when enough rain has fallen during the rainy season. After the planting, farmers pray for subsequent rain for either the weeds to grow back or the rice plant to survive. Naturally, weeds will outgrow the rice plant, if the crop even survived.

This is the way they farmed rice in Northern Samar 100 or more years ago, far too many are still doing it.

Note that this sight is not uncommon in areas close to irrigation dams.

1906, Somewhere in Luzon

Our brothers in Luzon grow all kinds of crops using a plow. At that time they even consider it a "primitive way to farm", using a wooden plow instead of employing the American way. They were already producing more food back then, than Northern Samar is producing now for the same size of farm.

Until people in government get really serious in helping farmers, Northern Samar (Philippines) will stay this way for another 100 years.

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